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:iconqara: is holding a contest

Draw Qara as a different species
Deadline is March 31st

•Has to be digital or traditional art, no literature.
•Must not be submitted before Jan 22, 2013
•Can be any species of the animal kingdom.
•You have to keep five marks on her forehead the same.
•You can do feral or anthro, if you do anthro, if there are hands they are human, and feet if there are any are the creature's form.
•Try to keep her harem cuffs and earrings if possible
•Collar and bell should be there somewhere, unless you have a very unique animal
•Can use fantasy species, if it was a species created by others make sure you get permission and give credit were due
•No bases
•Has to be made by you
•Colors scheme is open to: The species you selected and Qara's color scheme only. (Say you pick a tiger you could use purples and orange and black)
•Hairstyle is up to up
•Don't need to include tattoo but you can

First prize:
6 month premium membership
100 points
One full piece drawing of your choice
Critic on a piece of work of your choice

Second prize:
3 month premium membership
50 points
One full piece drawing of your choice

Third prize:
1 month premium membership
25 points
One bust or sketch drawing of your choice

Llamas for all participants.…

Please check out the journal if you have any questions :)

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