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Held by Live Action TV and Movie Art

Contest Info: liveactiontvmovieart.deviantar…

Deadline: March 15th

Theme: Drawn to Pain

'Drawn to Pain' :   Draw a scene that represents 'Pain' from a live action TV show or Movie.   Your drawing can represent physical 'pain', emotional 'pain', or even a 'pain' in the butt!  It can involve any number of characters from your favourite show as long as it represents 'Pain' in some form.   Your artwork can be based on an actual scene from the show or a scene you create using characters from the show.  Here are a couple of examples (from our admin's galleries)...


1.  You must be a member to enter - but it's super easy to become a member... just join!
2.  Entries can be traditional or digital art (no photomanips please) and must be based on a live action TV show or Movie (not animated).
3.  You can enter up to three times (though only one entry per person can win)
4.  Entries must have been originally submitted to dA after January 1, 2013.  The contest ends March 15th, 2013.
5.  In your description you'll need to do the following:
  Comment on your work being part of this contest - you might say something like... "This was drawn for the 'Drawn to Pain' contest being put on by 'Live   Action  TV & Movie Art'  -  
  Include the name of the Movie or TV show your drawing, painting, etc. is from .   Extra points for adding the names of the characters featured in the scene.
  Comment on the scene:  If it's not clear, explain how your scene represents the theme 'Pain'.  
6.  When you submit your art, please put it in the 'Drawn to Pain' Contest folder.

Please visit the contest page for the list of great prizes and with any questions! :)

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