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Anime Mange Before 2000 is having a contest!
For all the information, go to their journal animemangabefore2000.deviantar…

The Theme: "Dream,Nightmare or Illusion"

You are allowed to draw any fan art character from any manga/anime/video game that was created before 2000 you want.If you are not sure about the anime's/manga's/video game's date please ask us!The theme is to draw character(s) that reminds you good times from the past.This is a group for old fan art so everyone has a an/ma/vg that reminds them old good times.It can be anything as long as it is old fan art!

-The characters have to be from an an/ma/vg before 2000 or else your entery will NOT be accepted!
-It has to be your own art!No bases please!
-Yaoi,Yuri,Hentai and art containing violence are accepted BUT bare in mind that it may not appeal to some judges!
-Enteries that will be accepted per person:Unlimited!
-NO OCs!
-If your picture contain characters before 2000 and characters after 2000 it will NOT be accepted!
-have fun and no cheating!
-You have to be a member to join!
-You can enter both themes!
-The folowing prizes are for both themes!Sorry but we are not able to give separated prizes for each theme however both themes will be judged the same way!

They have a bunch of great prizes and are looking for more entries so go check it out! :D

Toni :)

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